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Advanced Information Services

ISHPI’s integrated holistic service solutions are fortified with CyberSmithed™ and ActiveDefense™ software developed using our proprietary CMMI® Maturity Level 5 Agile High Velocity Development℠ process. This enables our customers to achieve their technology-enabled transformation goals for efficiency and effectiveness by institutionalizing the development of superior ‘cyber security guaranteed’ software products.

Demonstrating core capabilities in Systems Engineering and Integration (SE&I); Software Engineering; Modeling and Simulation (M&S); Rapid Application Development (RAD); Cyber Operations and Warfare; and Host Based Security Systems (HBSS) development, ISHPI has successfully implemented complex Information Systems (IS) solutions for more than 100 U.S. Government agencies, as well as Fortune 50 Industry partners using this High Velocity Development℠ process. According to the CMMI Institute’s Published Appraisal Results, ISHPI’s Advanced Information Services division ranks in the top 5.6% of CMMI appraised U.S. organizations and among the top 7.4% of CMMI appraised organizations internationally. Our corporate commitment to developing technology- and vendor-agnostic intelligent frameworks and in situ capabilities contributed to this designation.

Our Agile High Velocity Development℠ process and methodology ensures consistency by delivering complex software solutions that are substantially defect-free—85% better than the industry average—and secure from cyber-attacks, within predictable cost and schedule parameters—with 99.1% less schedule deviation. As a recipient of the U.S. Government Information Security Leadership Award (GISLA) in Secure Software Life Cycle Practices, we have proven that we can increase the quality of your software on time and within budget.

ISHPI’s holistic service solutions establish a superior platform for the design and development of new information systems (IS), the modernization of Legacy IS (LIS), or the enhancement and improved maintenance and sustainment of existing IS systems. In support of IS software development, modernization, enhancement, and maintenance projects. ISHPI brings more than 25 years of experience singularly focused on developing and applying our Agile High Velocity Development℠ process. ISHPI teams have achieved industry-best low-life-cycle-cost and exceptional customer satisfaction by making quality the number one goal for every release. In 2011, we successfully modernized one of the largest U.S. Government database systems with more than 500,000 lines of COBOL code, stepping in after failed attempts with two other vendors. The resulting modernization program now provides a complete system solution and is in use today with 100% of availability requirements achieved.