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System Lifecycle Design Engineering

ISHPI offers full service Systems Engineering and Technical Assistance (SETA) and Systems Lifecycle Design Engineering support that encompasses analysis, development, production, installation, and full lifecycle sustainment for a wide range of military and industrial systems. Our personnel support every phase of the Systems Lifecycle Process, consistently facilitating the performance of personnel, organizations, and new product concepts through participation in both design and performance validation activities.

ISHPI is a recognized expert on System Development Lifecycle (SDLC) Process. We support and assist in each SDLC phase by providing technical expertise and applying best practices to meet each customer’s individual needs and expectations. Our qualified and certified engineers employ a number of approved software development approaches—Spiral, Waterfall and Agile models—to expertly translate requirements into detailed interface, hardware and software designs that ensure delivery of properly integrated systems, hardware and software.

Planning & Requirements Development

ISHPI provides exceptional talent, responsible and responsive management, detailed planning products, and efficient technical processes that enable our customers accomplish the most complex, multifaceted projects. Our systems engineers and analysts employ a holistic approach to systems engineering, beginning with the development of high-level functional requirements, which they decompose into detailed system requirements that translate into stable system designs. We incorporate plans for threat prevention and response, lifecycle support, testing, configuration management, and quality assurance into the design phase, and our engineers ensure compliance with requirements through the entire SDLC. For example, ISHPI personnel helped establish a requirements review process for new systems at the USCG Command, Control and Communications Engineering Center (C3CEN) in Portsmouth, VA. This work demonstrates our proven expertise in USCG and DHS instructions and directives, DoD 5000, the USCG acquisition process, various Commandant Instructions and Directives, Coast Guard Publication 7-7, and the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) Systems Engineering Handbook.

Enterprise Architecture Support

ISHPI is a premier provider of IT, Cybersecurity, Systems Engineering, and Enterprise Architecture (EA) throughout the DoD and Intelligence Community (IC). As part of our proven history, ISHPI has supported our clients with Computer Network Defense (CND) support. Our engineers provide functional operations support on networks within a customer’s enterprise. This has included all activities necessary to operate and maintain Information Assurance (IA) functions on all systems, infrastructure and networks. ISHPI personnel have been responsible for implementing innovative industry, DoD and IC approaches and strategies for the development and maintenance of a strong customer-focused culture. Our personnel maintain continuous process improvement methodology to ensure effective and efficient technology insertion and adaptation. Our support has been instrumental in increasing the flexibility and overall security of our customers’ enterprise architecture and its subsequent security posture.

Risk Management

ISHPI is a leader in the application of systems engineering across a wide collection of system development and acquisition programs used by our DHS, DOD and IC customers. ISHPI uses a risk management process during the system engineering process to identify and mitigate contract risks, as well as to anticipate future conditions and act early to prevent problems. Our personnel coordinate with our customers to identify program, technical, schedule, and cost risks and to develop mitigation plans during both the planning and execution phases of each project. This approach has enabled ISHPI to identify and implement mitigation plans early in the design process to ensure high-quality products and services.