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Katherine Collins
Sr. Vice President | Corporate Development Officer

Katherine Collins, ISHPI’s Sr. Vice President and Corporate Development Officer, brings over 28 years of corporate strategy and business management experience to ISHPI. Katherine supports the Board of Managers and the President|CEO in the areas of company-wide strategic planning and execution.

Prior to joining ISHPI, Ms. Collins served in a variety of high profile executive and senior management positions with a number of premier contractors in the Government Contracting Industry, including Computer Sciences Corporation, Chenega Advanced Solutions & Engineering, MILCOM Systems Corporation, and Dataline, LLC before forming KCA, a firm that provided cradle-to-grave human capital, contracts, and operations consulting services to the Defense industry, as well as M&A business advisory services to private equity and venture capital firms. She is an expert in the fields of long-term strategic planning and execution, corporate restructuring and change management, mission-focused corporate mergers and acquisitions, acquisition funding and corporate finance. Ms. Collins has also held positions as VP of Human Capital, Program Manager, Ethics and Compliance Officer, and Manager of Corporate Litigation and Risk.