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ISHPI Awarded WAN-LAN Support Task Order for USCG TISCOM

Suffolk, VA – Ishpi Information Technologies, Inc. (DBA ISHPI), a CMMI Maturity Level 5 Federal Information Technologies services provider, is pleased to announce that the United States Coast Guard (USCG), Telecommunication and Information Systems Command (TISCOM), has awarded ISHPI a follow on task order for Network Enterprise Services and Telecommunication Interface Services to support the USCG C5I Service Center-ISD-TSB-NET (NET-PL). This follow on contract is valued at $2.6M, and will provide stabilizing support for the Network Product Line as the USCG C5ISC goes through three massive organizational and contract transitions, almost all at once.

The period of performance for this follow on task order is from September 12, 2020 to October 11, 2021 and is for 16 Full Time Employees (FTE). 

“This follow on task order with ISHPI’s longest running contract to date is a direct reflection of the quality, commitment and character of our employees,” said Earl D. Bowers, ISHPI’s President and CEO.  “we are excited by the opportunity to continue to support the critical missions of the USCG”.


The C5ISC (formerly C4ITSC) re-organized over the last year in a move to consolidate command initiatives across its three Centers of Excellence (COE) and bring cohesion of vision and strategy across the enterprise to carry the USCG into a new era of infrastructure readiness. Just as the re-org was getting underway, the USCG made a crucial contractual move by releasing a Large Business RFP designed to move the USCG enterprise toward Managed Services (Infrastructure Managed Services or IMS), which will reduce administrative costs and contract duplication, while increasing multiple efficiencies for an aging network. Finally, TISCOM, in particular, is responsible for replacing the entirety of the USCG’s network inventory through the use of GSA’s Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions (EIS) contract. ISHPI contractors helped lead the USCG transition to Networx Universal, which EIS is designed to replace. Our ability to remain on site in support through this transition will provide much needed stability for the network, so that the IMS contract can get off the ground smoothly.

United States Coast Guard (USCG) Telecommunication and Information Systems Command (TISCOM) located in Alexandria, Virginia, is part of the newly re-organized C5ISC, and leads and implements most of the organizational telecommunications, electronics, and information systems services for the Coast Guard. The Command is the Coast Guard’s lead developer of voice and data communications systems, and builds modern digital communication networks, while integrating new computer technology into the Coast Guard’s daily routine. The focus of TISCOM’s team of engineers, technicians, and support staff is to solve today’s information technology problems through timely, quality service to the field.