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Service Management Apex Policy


Ishpi Information Technologies, Inc. (DBA ISHPI) is committed to meeting customers’ needs, including regulatory requirements, and to continually improve the performance of its service management system and service delivery with the goal of enhancing customer satisfaction in the field of Information Operations, Engineering and Technical Services, IT and Cybersecurity Services, System and Software Engineering, and Training and Consulting.

It is the policy of ISHPI to:

  1. Meet customer requirements and enhance customer
  2. Provide the governance and framework to assure the quality of service to the
  3. Continuously improve company
  4. Continuously improve the delivery of services in an ongoing and systematic
  5. Measure the quality of service and process
  6. Manage changes in processes and
  7. Review the objectives and effectiveness of the service management system regularly to ensure its
  8. Meet all applicable legal and regulatory

Effective: _8/27/20

Earl D. Bowers

President | Chief Strategy Officer