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Training and Consulting

ISHPI’s holistic service solutions embody a unique, all-encompassing consulting and training perspective to complex, demanding cyber security programs and projects that require an integrated, full-spectrum approach. Whether delivering off-the-shelf curriculum or custom-designed training for the release of a new product, system, or capability, ISHPI possesses the expertise to achieve desired results.

With an emphasis on human-link interaction heuristics, ISHPI penetrates the nexus of mind vs. machine to reveal the right-sized response to the ‘Who, When, Where, Why and How’ training question. Unlike other IT system and software integrators, we never leave you with a product your people can’t properly use or support. Our integrated training—coupled with our holistic services solution—enables us to strive shoulder-to-shoulder with your personnel to ensure that they get the materials, information, coaching, mentoring, and training they need to successfully apply what they have learned.

ISHPI understands how and why integrated, complex relationships shape a training program. With this in mind, our training consultants, developers, and instructors investigate a wide variety of outcomes-based alternatives. They then work with you to tailor materials, plans, curriculum, and classes (on-site, off-site, in-field and/or virtual) by asking the right questions, continually reviewing critiques, and providing accurate feedback. The flexibility we design into our training programs enables you to rapidly adjust to the changing technologies and asymmetric threats that define the physical and social human systems of today’s and tomorrow’s environments.

Our Training and Consulting Services Group brings unique expertise delivering full-spectrum support in two key and often integrated service areas: Training Program Support and Software Development Support. With highly skilled, certified, and cleared experts on staff in both service areas, ISHPI can quickly implement a uniquely holistic perspective and approach to working as efficiently and effectively as possible to maintain a dominating holistic CyberStance.